Welcome to the New Designers on Design

I’m the hostess here and I’d like to welcome all who are interested in landscape design to hang out and see what we have to say. Designers on Design, now in its 3rd year, is the cumulative product of 15 landscape designers who are all members of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.  

Each designer is invited because they have a unique point of view and each designer’s opinions are their own and there are many—visit our archive (we previously posted on Posterous).

Just so you know what we do when we’re not here I’ve included some of the 2011 APLD International Landscape Design Award winning gardens—see them all here.

Small Garden Designed by Colin Miller Design Studio

Backyard designed by Patricia St. John, APLD

Meadow Garden designed by Suzanne Arca, APLD

Small Courtyard designed by Matthew Cunningham

I hope you’ll enjoy what we do…posts are usually on the odd numbered day of the month all month long!—Susan Cohan, APLD

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